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Colossal Cave Adventure

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Will Crowther created the text adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave, or Adventure) on the PDP-10 mainframe between 1975 and 1977. With the aid of Don Woods, the game was enlarged in 1977, and other developers produced variants and ports to various platforms in the years that followed.

In the game, the players uses basic text instructions to guide the character into a cave. Players gain points for finding riches and exiting the cave alive, with the objective of accumulating the most points possible. Crowther’s history as a caving enthusiast inspired the game’s cave, which is largely modeled from Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave system.

The first ever interactive fiction game, Colossal Cave Adventure is regarded as the grandfather of the genre.

Colossal Cave Adventure has been ported to the Google Play Store, and can also be played in your browser via a DOS emulator.

Colossal Cave Adventure Screenshot

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