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What are Alliances in P&W? How do they work?

A vital partner in ensuring prosperity is an alliance. A bond between many nations to defend one another.

Alliances exist to protect and grow nations, whilst also maintaining important relations amongst others, as nations and international organizations do in the real world. Joining an alliance is a necessity to ensure that your newly founded nation grows into an influential player on a global scale. 

Within an alliance, each has its own tools and guides to help ease you into the game and help you get acquainted with the mechanics and gameplay. Start-up grants are routinely offered to help provide your nation with a kick-start to get yourself on a solid foundation. Growing with your nation and standing within an alliance helps grow your influence and importance within the game. Alliances can come together and sign treaties to solidify their relations. They also form “spheres”, which are multiple alliances enjoined by specific treaties which serve various purposes, most commonly, to protect each other.

Screenshot from the alliance leaderboards

As exists within national governments, alliances have their own government to ensure proper organization and efficient decision-making. Governance within alliances is structured around 4 core pillars – Foreign Affairs, Defense, Finance and Internal Affairs.

  •   Foreign Affairs manages relations between other alliances and/or spheres. This is especially important in times of war.
  •   Defense concerns the military defense of the alliance and its members. A powerful defense is important in ensuring the alliance’s survival and that of its members, for if you can’t protect your own members, why should a nation join your alliance?
  •   Finance manages with economic affairs of the alliance, between the storage of funds for each nation and maintaining monetary and resource taxes for each member.
  •   Internal affairs concern itself with the internals of the alliance – the members. It manages the relations between the members of the alliance and between the alliance government and the subordinates.

Harmony between these four pillars is the difference between a successful alliance and a failing one.

Rose, an alliance in P&W

Finding an alliance should be one of the first steps as it will provide you with a strong foundation on which to build your nation. Once you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with the game, now you need to make money.  This can be done by attacking other nations for their resources or ensuring an optimal city build. Attacking other nations is called “raiding”, and this is done by attacking a nation within your range to take their resources. But just as you can attack them, they can also attack you. Make sure your troops are trained!

For a more detailed explanation of economy in P&W, check out Aspects Of Economy!

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