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The Original Browser Nat-Sim: Cities War

Do you want to play a war game? You want it to be simple in graphics? Do you want to play in an apocalyptic post WW3 setting? You want the game to be based on maps? Then Cities War is the perfect choice for you.

In game screenshot (Forming a country)

What is “Cities War” about?

The special part about Cities War is that the game is based on google maps. You can play this alone, join an alliance, keep conquering cities or even form a nation.

There are perks for being in an alliance and reasons why you should join one. For starters, all members of the alliance can receive rewards everyday. The amount of reward you receive is proportional to the total area of your occupied cities in your alliance territories (The larger area, The more rewards)

There are also alliance tournaments, where top 10 players of top 3 alliances are rewarded with resources and similar perks for winning. All other players are updated on the map, and a large portion of the map is already claimed. If you want to expand your nation, then you either go for unclaimed land or fight with others to conquer their land city by city.


Conquering objectives

What’s so interesting about a map game?

This brings me to the most important part, the civilizations. This game has a feature where it shows you an objective to conquer the cities which were part of an ancient civilization.

It gives bonuses and titles, it also allows you to set your nation name to the following civilization and it then becomes visible. Once you conquer the required cities you add a number to the conquerors list and register your spot in the best players of the game.

One of the better features of this game comes down to the fact that it intertwines many aspects of the game with each other. For example, to conquer a city, you need to deploy your army. For an army, you need provisions, artillery pieces, guns, fuel for anything that requires it, and so on. This requires a strong economy, which balances a lot of players.

The army needs to be equipped with weapons which you can make by spending some resources. There are several types of weapons; firearms, artillery, tanks and even missiles to destroy other cities and the army residing there to conquer it. Currently, there are more than 8000 cities in the game with others being continuously added. 

If you found this interesting I think you should definitely give this a try. Have fun!


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