A Dark Room – Text-based Adventure

The Core Premise of “A Dark Room”

When you first log into the game, you may see that there is not really much in the game at first glance. You see a dark room and a description of the room, which describes how cold the room is. It becomes apparent that this game does not rely on numbers like other games. Instead, this game is a text-based adventure.

What is a text based adventure game?

A text-based inventor involves some medium of communication in this case text to convey a story. However, this story is interactive. For instance, you can see you can light the fire in the room. This game involves steps that you take in order to progress the story, and more and more game functions open up as you go on, ending with you exploring the world around you.

This game has been ported to Nintendo Switch and it has been praised for its minimalist quality. It’s a throwback to other games that revolve around the same genre in the past there were a lot of texts paste adventure games and you do not really see them anymore but this is a very accessible, very minimalist, homage to these games.

Screenshot from Nintendo Switch Store

How To Survive 

In order to get started you must light up the room with the fire, After all, that is the only thing you can do. Once you light the room you may see that the game somewhat changes. You will see that the darkroom becomes a fire-lit living room. In the action log, you can see a record of you lighting the room. This is a critical part of the game, revealing how your actions reflect and morph the world around you. For instance, a trivial action such as lighting a room, now also affects events in the game. This also reveals a critical gameplay loop of the game as one needs to balance multiple functions and mechanisms in order to achieve an equilibrium to have success in A Dark Room.


If you have been playing for a while you may have seen different events. The events in this game have a large variety of outcomes and initial situations. Early-game events are a key part of resource acquisition, as they enable you to receive comparatively rare ingredients and items that are difficult to get in large quantities.

Becoming an Idle Game

After playing for a while, you will eventually unlock the ability to build huts. This brings in the idle aspect of the game. Huts allow families to move into your community, which can work jobs for you. For instance, when you build a lodge, people from families can be employed in jobs.

You may have noticed that your once Silent Forest is now a Tiny Village, This is a symbol of how this game evolves over time and becomes more and more complex.

Adventure and Exploration

Once you have progressed to the late game, a mechanic called “The Compass” allows you to access the exploratory part of the game. This involves the rest of the world and an expansion of the game outside of the village to the disparate world around you. When you first unlock the compass, it unlocks a setting called the Dusty Path. Here, you can allocate your resources to your expedition.

This exploration mechanic happens in a text-based setting, in which you can move your person around. You can go to a variety of locations and engage in fights with other animals or people, which involve a pokemon-like style of battle, just real-time, where you can initiate attacks against the person and they initiate attacks against you. During these battles, cured meat heals you to full health, so this becomes very useful. After these fights, you can loot and find resources. The exploration data will not save, so you will need to remember the location of the areas

Good luck and have fun!

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