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A Brief Introduction to Politics and War

Politics & War (P&W)

Have you ever wanted to create your own nation? Rule it as its Prime Minister, President, or King? Now’s your chance. With endless possibilities in customizing and specifying your nation’s history, terrain, climate, and people, not to mention your national currency, animal, and religion – the choice is yours. Mining raw materials, refining them and trading with partners around the world. Let’s not forget, that a nation is only as strong as its military. Maintaining a strong land, air and sea force is tantamount to ensuring your nation’s survival.

Screenshot from the home tab in game

What is P&W about?

In essence, P&W lets you run your own country.

With the ability to create your own nation, it’s up to you to ensure its survival and prosperity. Location is important, and each continent has its own benefits and detriments. And producing materials and trading on the market is an important aspect of growing your nation. Within your own nation, land and infrastructure serve as the foundation, and they both go hand in hand as you can’t have land without infrastructure and vice versa.

Selecting jobs to run

What’s so interesting about P&W?

Within your nation, you can build cities. You can build as many cities as you desire, but remember, the cost increases exponentially. Also remember, you can’t have more infrastructure than land, as you can’t build on something that isn’t there, but you can have more land than infrastructure. Also, land affects your population density and population levels. Not only will you serve as the leader of your nation, but also the leader of your cities. Crime, disease, and pollution negatively affect your nation, and commerce is important in ensuring a stable income for your nation. Not to mention, you need power or else your city won’t function. You can purchase “improvements”, these are the additions to your city which will determine the success or failure of your city. Improvements occupy 50 infrastructure within each city, thus it’s important to purchase enough land and infrastructure to maintain enough improvements to support your cities, which supports your nation.

This should hopefully and broadly cover the basics of the game. Playing Politics & War, the community you join is truly brilliant. You meet people and make friends from across the world, Discord is needed for this, and most alliances require Discord as well. The community you discover is an invaluable resource in answering your questions and helping you grow. Politics & War also has a wiki page to help you with any questions you might have about the history of the game, the past global wars between alliances and the history of the major alliances in the game. P&W’s wiki is an immense resource in helping to understand the game and learn more about it. P&W also has a Reddit page, a Discord, and Forums to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Good luck and enjoy!  

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